On Freedom: Rights and Responsibilities

The price of greatness is responsibility. Winston Churchill A common sentiment in contemporary society is that rights must be balanced by responsibilities: that it’s all well and good for people to advocate for their rights, but they must also be mindful of their responsibilities. Implicit in this reasoning is the separation of rights and responsibilities […]

On Freedom: Limiting Society’s Preorganization

Understand what sort of witchery, subtlety, and hypocrisy belong to tyranny. Marcus Aurelius The most essential characteristic of tyranny is hypocrisy. Tyranny is the devolutionary weaponization of structure against that structure’s own evolutionary design. It is the hypocrisy of holding society responsible to the established standards of systems while simultaneously using the systems to betray […]

On Postmodernism 4

Postmodern realization is ascendant following the realization that valuation and meaning are not intrinsic to things. This realization is extremely provocative and interesting, and leads one to extensive consideration of the constructed nature of meaning and its many ramifications. One begins to unpack and examine the various valuations the culture uses to recognize intrinsic meaning […]